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      Building profiles
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      Indoor Sliding Door Series

      At present, the company has jointly developed a series of surface treatment for porcelain swimming with kansai coatings in Japan, And has cooperated with the famous wood grain surface production enterprise guangyue and ruizhi in China.High quality and stable surface treatment suppliers are the source of product assurance.


      Lu Ban Door Window

      Lu ban door window system is a new door window system , overcame all sorts of malpractice of the existing door window of the market, adapt to the development trend of high-grade door window, will certainly lead new door window consumption tide.


      Outdoor All-aluminum Series

      The outdoor all-aluminum series adopts the most advanced and weather-resistant outdoor special spraying wood-grain surface treatment in China, which increases the service life of wood materials by more than 3 times compared with that of wood materials. Moreover, it has a high value of recycling and can achieve the value of environmental protection and recycling.


      Chinese style Windows and Windows

      Hui-style Chinese style doors and Windows are the supporting products developed according to the design style of hui-style architecture schools, integrating the essence of Chinese classical custom culture, unique style, rigorous structure and exquisite technology.
      The perfect combination of classical culture and modern aluminum alloy production technolog


      All-aluminum Interior Door Series

      All-aluminum indoor door series green environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, precise and solid, beautiful and durable 50 years, all-around fire, waterproof, moth proofing, especially strong antibacterial, no odor, value preservation and appreciation, recycling, simplified procedures, convenient installation.


      All aluminum Furniture Series

      All aluminum furniture series is green, environment-friendly, zero formaldehyde, precise and solid, beautiful and durable for 50 years, all-around fireproof, waterproof, insect-proof, especially strong antibacterial, no peculiar smell, value preservation and appreciation, circulation utilization, simplified procedure, convenient installation.

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